Woman gets a date on Tinder and ends up murdered

The woman, originally from Nebraska, USA, was murdered after marking a romantic date on Tinder that turned out to be a hoax.

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The tragedy of Sydney Loofe It started on November 15, 2017, after a photo she shared on her Snapchat. Weeks later, she was found dead after meeting a person she contacted on Tinder, a dating app.

The morning after 24-year-old Sydney had a date with a woman named Audrey, The young woman did not show up for work and did not respond to messages from her parents, so they went to her apartment.

There they found the Sydney kitten without food, then they knew immediately that something was not right and reported it to the police, the media said Mirror.

The last time the Sydney phone was switched on was in the town of Wilber, Nebraska, about 35 kilometers from Lincoln, a city where the young woman worked in a hardware store, where the photo that was uploaded was taken.

The authorities focused on Audrey and they tracked her cell phone after talking to her on Tinder. She said that he had dated Sydney, but that he had dropped her off at a friend’s house, a location she could not recall.

Despite their version, the Police did not lose track of Audrey, whose real name was discovered to be Bailey Boswell, a 23-year-old woman who was in a relationship with a 51-year-old man from name Aubrey Trail.

Authorities found that Boswell had been using a cell phone to send messages to both Sydney and Trail, so the three phones led authorities 100 kilometers west of Wilber, where they eventually found Sydney’s body.

Sydney died of suffocation

The cause of death was established as suffocation and Sydney put up resistance in her last moments. Due to investigations, they found that she had bruises on her wrists, the back of her head and the inside of her thighs and it was found that Sydney had been restrained before murdering her.

Police also confirmed that Boswell y Trail They were an unsettling couple and enjoyed group sex with other women they met on Tinder and he would tell them stories about how to “gain power” by killing people.

Photo: Sydney

The day of the appointment with Sydney

On the day of their rendezvous with Sydney, both were seen by security cameras leaving and entering a location where they compared tools they used to dismember the 24-year-old woman.

Authorities noted that the Boswell-Trail couple had already planned to kill someone before finding Sydney on Tinder, whom they chose to live 150 miles from her parents, hoping her disappearance would not be noticed.

The couple was arrested in 2018 accused of the murder of the young woman and since the trial began, Trail repeatedly lied, giving different statements to the media, her lawyers and in the courtroom during the trial in 2020.

Although Trail’s defense said that Sydney had agreed to be filmed doing “sexual asphyxia” in exchange for money, it was the man himself who ended up admitting that this too was a lie, that he had made it up to confuse investigators.

“It was just me, Bailey and Sydney the night Sydney died. There were no other two girls there. $ 15,000 was not paid for a sexual fantasy, ”Aubrey said.

guilty detained

They expected Sydney to join the sex network

Trail claimed that Sydney’s murder was not planned, but that she had been lured into Boswell’s apartment and had “gone mad” there.

He also revealed that he and Boswell both expected the young woman to join their sexual and criminal network, but by refusing she was murdered to “protect” your lifestyle.

The “style” of life that Trail was referring to was discovered by authorities after three women testified that they were lured to the sex cult from Boswell and Trail, via Tinder between June and November 2017.

The women had sex with Trail and Boswell in exchange for a payment, as well as helping them run scams in the antique business.

In this cult there were rules to maintain communication with Trail and if they broke women were slapped or hanged with a belt and, when a woman managed to leave the sect, she was threatened that her family would be killed if she told anyone.

The couple was found guilty of first degree murder and criminal conspiracy to commit murder, for which Bailey Boswell and Aubrey Trail were sentenced to death.

“I won’t say I’m sorry, as it would be an insult to you after what I put you through. And I’m not going to apologize because I don’t think there is such a thing. I have done terrible things in my life, but this is the only thing I have done that I really regret, ”Trail told Sydney’s family during his sentencing session.



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