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Windows 11 24H2 Build 26100: Bugs and Stability Issues Abound for Testers

The 24H2 preview version of Windows 11 has been open to testers for nearly a year. Build 26100 may be a candidate version for the upcoming official version. However, this version is currently full of bugs and is not recommended for installation on commonly used devices. Users reported that after installing this version, they encountered problems such as functional corruption and blue screen crashes (BSOD).

Microsoft watcher Zac Bowden encountered a blue screen crash when trying to reset the system. The “Reset this PC” function is supposed to fix system problems, but it failed in Windows 11 24H2 Build 26100. Zac also mentioned that the sliding gesture of the touch screen device should have opened the notification center, but accidentally launched the “smart assistant Copilot”. This may be related to Microsoft’s previous efforts to hide the “Show Desktop” icon in order to make room for Copilot, but this seems to be a bit too much.

In addition, developer Albacore also encountered some problems. When he tried to use Visual Studio to debug the code, the program failed to run properly. This may indicate that Windows 11’s support for 64-bit .NET applications is still flawed.

To learn more, he checked the event viewer and saw an error message labeled “Event 1000, Application Error.” When running the application on a virtual machine with VMware 3D acceleration enabled, a warning will pop up and a blue screen will crash. The stop code is “PFN SHARE COUNT”.

Overall, Windows 11 24H2 is still in a pretty unstable stage right now. Although Microsoft will gradually fix the problem through monthly cumulative updates, it may take some time before this version is officially released and brings a stable experience to everyone.

In order to reduce system problems, Microsoft also blocked specific versions of some applications from running in version 26100, such as the system beautification tool “Explorer Patcher”. The program incompatibility assistant will prompt that the program may pose security and performance risks, but the window also mentions that newer versions of the application can be checked and installed, which means developers can fix these problems.

The same is true for third-party customization tools such as “StartAllBack” that were previously unable to run properly due to compatibility issues. During the beta version phase, such applications may be temporarily unavailable due to adaptation issues, and users will have to endure Windows 11’s native customization solutions.

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