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Ultimate Guide to Astrological Birth Predictions: What Your Day of Birth Says About You

Solar time April 13, 2024 lunar period It falls on Saturday, the 5th waxing moon of the 5th lunar month, Year of the Dragon, Benjasok, Chula Sakarat 1385. rising sun Time: 6:06 a.m. It’s really noon. Time 12.19 hrs. sunset Time: 6:31 p.m. The moon sets Time: 10:24 p.m.

today Time 00.00-04.18 hrs., the moon eats Rohini zodiac auspicious time 4 consisting of Bhumipalo of auspicious time. Bhumipalo means keeper of the land. Time 04.19-24.00 hrs. Moon eats Mrikasira zodiac auspicious 5th auspicious time or Vesi. Yorerk Thesatri means crossing the locality, referring to the auspicious time for merchants crossing the locality. Saturday – Thong Chai according to the occasion, time 00.00-24.00 hrs. – Do not do auspicious acts. Auspicious direction – Udon (north), unlucky direction – Thaksin (south), color of the day – black. Auspicious colors – sky blue, dark blue. Unlucky colors – bright green. The zodiac sign that Sri Sri is in – Pisces Zodiac sign that the star Kali is in – Pisces

Born today boy Accurate predictions He has a strong mind, courageous, persevering, speaks to the hearts of people, has a good memory, is intelligent, careful, knowledgeable, likes to fight. Often from his place of residence he grows up to be full of wealth. Good financial position girl Have morality, be quiet, and have a firm mind. love secluded life Strictly in regulations Strong mind like studying Will have patrons, will have reasons, like to stay behind and keep to themselves.

Born on Sunday The family lined up well. With a good plan and subordinates to support It makes it difficult for you to be successful. Friends recommend new jobs to do. You should be careful about making friends. Because they may be deceived and cause damage. Have the opportunity to work part-time in providing social services. Should stand on principles and reasons. You should know how to make short installments and long installments as necessary.

Born on Monday Will get to do special work related to providing social services. Have the opportunity to travel because of your work position. It is admired by adults and the people you relate to. Sympathetic lovers have the opportunity to help each other. Will be assigned to do important work with high responsibility. There are new projects initiated. Various problems and obstacles It resolved itself.

Born on Tuesday Love can be reconciled Rumors of complicated love affairs will fade away. Love is a love relationship with close friends helping each other. There will be more money passing through your hands than usual. There is more lobbying, contact, negotiation and coordination. Be careful of your manners and use of words. Life will change for the better. If there is a fight, there will be victory.

Born on Wednesday Will be trusted by adults and co-workers There are many new friends added. Be a good person with knowledge and abilities. will be able to show their knowledge and abilities Speaking is a measure of intelligence. will get wealth Able to solve various problems and obstacles. Any business undertaken will be successful. The enemy will be defeated. Has studied and trained at a higher level You will receive a gift.

Born on Thursday You will get a satisfying job. Finances are flowing well. You should be careful with your spending. Because you may waste money unnecessarily. Even though you can earn a lot of money But the expenses are also high. If you are diligent and discreet, you will definitely be able to move towards good goals. The work that is being done will be improved and changed. There are adults waiting to help.

Born on Friday Have the opportunity to study new academic subjects. Will get to work in a charity organization Will get to meet and socialize with many people. The work that is done requires imagination and analysis. Have more income Have more opportunities to do social work There is a problem of misunderstanding with the person you love. Be careful of losing your property. There has been improvement in the decoration of the houses.

Born on Saturday will be assigned to do important work Satisfied with their work Attention to work It is best not to invest in times of uncertain business turbulence. It is better to improve your old work than to invest money. There will be new work to do. You will have good fortune and be successful in your pursuit of fortune. Beware of sweet-talking people.

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