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After a long wait, it was finally confirmed that the famous actress Leslie Grace will be the one who gives life to the famous Super Hero Bati-chica and here we tell you everything you need to know about it.

It was in 2017 that it was confirmed that the franchises of DC and Warner Bros planned to make a new movie of Bati-chica, However the movie It suffered a delay of more than four years without disclosing more information about the production, until today.

It was this Wednesday that the production finally revealed the identity of the actress who will bring the Super Hero from Warner Bros, This was reported on July 21, the media Deadline.

Additionally, it was revealed that the new production can be seen exclusively on the streaming platform of HBO Max and not only that, because it was indicated that the same actress would participate with this character in the production of Static Shock that can be seen in the same Platform.

He was president of the film division of DC, Walter Hamada, who announced that the next films will be made with a lower budget than we saw in previous films and thus learn how this type of project works.

Who is actress Leslie Grace, chosen to play Batgirl?

Actress and singer Leslie Grace Martínez, better known as Leslie Grace, will be the one who will play the famous Bati-chicaBut before this iconic character, the young actress studied at Western High School and later participated in various musicals.

Likewise, the 26-year-old American singer-songwriter of Dominican origin is recognized in the music industry for performing various songs as they are ‘Hard and soft‘,’ Díganle ‘and’ Blackout ‘, among others.

It was in 2019 when Leslie Grace tmade his film debut, when he played the character of Nina rosario in the new 2021 film adaptation of the Tony Award-winning Lin-Manuel Miranda musical “In the Heights.”

Grace also appeared on the famous reality show of Univision ‘Va por ti’ with iconic celebrities such as Luis Coronel, Chiquis Rivera and the driver Galileo montijo, while previously collaborating with Maluma on the musical single ‘Aire’ during a 14-concert tour in Mexico.


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