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Fenty Beauty, Humanrace, and Cécred: The Power of Identity in Beauty Brands

Identity as a guarantee of winning

Long-term success of well-known beauty brands is difficult to achieve. While some companies like Fenty Beauty, which is backed by the luxury goods group LVMH (LVMH includes beauty brands such as Christian Dior, Guerlain, Benefit Cosmetics, Givenchy, Sephora and Kenzo Parfums), are profitable , maintaining a reputable one is long-term. profitable business is a challenge. An example of this belief movement is Pharrell Williams’ skin care brand, Humanrace. Williams worked closely with his longtime dermatologist, Dr. Elena Jones to develop a range of products based on the principles of equality and sustainability. Using his personal skin care practice and professional knowledge Dr. Jones, Williams created a brand that prioritizes realism and a scientific basis. In this dynamic landscape, Beyoncé’s recently launched hairline, Cécred, proved that celebrities can add more than just their faces to a brand. Closely linked to the star’s personal history and family heritage, Cécred stands for quality, authenticity and a deep understanding of the needs of different hair types. The brand aims to celebrate and modernize hair care rituals, highlighting the importance of a direct connection with the audience and a strong personal story.

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