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What’s left of The Last of Us?

3:35: Point News
38:15: Turn Joystick
58:25: Deep Rock Galactic
1:24:30: Musical intermission
Part 2: What’s Left of The Last of Us

It is not because the show comes out on a Thursday and not a Saturday that we planed on the program, oh no, you will get your money’s worth (even if it is still offered free access) with a Point news, certainly reduced in fat, but not skinny for that matter. A Turn Joystick and one Musical intermission, you guessed it, a review, without surprise, of Deep Rock Galactic. This FPS where 4 dwarfs must cooperate to collect a maximum of resources in cramped mines, strewn with insectoid aliens.

But the highlight of the show this week is our new format, the aptly named What’s left comes back cold and without any restrictions on a major video game title. In the manner of what we had been able to do at the time of the PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2, but more fleshed out, we are dropping the horses on The Last of Us first of the name, while its sequel is looming in a few weeks . We do not hide from you that this is a kind of pilot for this more elaborate format, which could, why not, give birth to a new program when the horizon is clear.

We know it can be improved, but we are rather proud of this format, free from the constraints of classical criticism, in which we can dig without fear of hitting on a possible spoil. Because yes, there is disclosure in all directions during this hour and a half, we are addressing those who have finished the game or the curious knowing full well that they will never get started. We hope that you will appreciate this formula, that you will ask for more because, clearly, we really want to do it again. Good viewing !

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