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Fire on restaurant terrace: police are looking for witnesses

In the early Thursday morning, according to the police, a hitherto unknown person set fire to a restaurant terrace. The fire was quickly put out. Property damage in the four-digit range occurred. The Kripo is looking for witnesses.

At around 3.20 a.m., passers-by informed the police headquarters in Lower Franconia about flames blazing on the terrace of a restaurant on the crane quay. The fire brigade called in quickly got the fire out and was able to prevent the fire from spreading to the building. Initial police findings from the location of the fire indicate that the fire was set on fire. Several fire sources and fire accelerators were found on the wooden terrace. The resulting damage is provisionally estimated at around 5,000 euros.

The Wrzburg criminal police took over the investigation and now asks people who have made suspicious observations at the time of the crime to report them under the telephone number 0931/457 1732.

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