“We have no doubts about our mutual affection with David Kammenos”

What kind of woman is Mireille Delgado, your character?

Michèle Bernier: An activist of the radical left, more monopolized by her social struggles than by her family. This activist fights against injustices, for the right to housing, also participates in distributions of soup kitchen. Upset by the fact that her son, François (David Kammenos, editor’s note), has become a police inspector, she maintains a conflicting relationship with him.

Their opposition will reach its paroxysm on the occasion of a tragic event …

Justine, her granddaughter, was murdered. François is convinced that the suspect, a childhood friend of his daughter, is the killer. Mireille believes in the young man’s innocence. The investigation will then be an opportunity to unpack their grievances and all the unspoken.

After the TV movie Murders in Orleans (France 3), this is your second collaboration with David Kammenos. These are two very different roles …

David played my son-in-law, this time he plays my son. The atmosphere is darker. We stayed very close after the filming of Murders in Orleans. We were happy to meet again. We felt all the more capable of playing such harsh roles towards each other as, in real life, we do not doubt our mutual affection.

Does the character of Mireille Delgado look like you?

Mireille moves me, even if I am less demonstrative than she. I admit that his struggles for the poorest touch me. But I’m not that radical. I do not share his hostility towards the police either. I try to do what I can. I was brought up with Charlie Hebdo and Hara-Kiri, who developed a conscience against bourgeois order and injustices (newspapers co-founded by her father, Professor Choron).

With this very dark TV movie, you change register. Aren’t you worried about blurring your image as a funny and cool heroine?

An actress must be able to experiment with all genres. I had already played a dark role in Accused, a judicial series. The episode broadcast in April 2016, on France 2, attracted 4.4 million viewers. If the TV movie is well done and we are well accompanied, the audience follows.

Speaking of comedy, what about Constance Meyer, the earthy magistrate of The trainee ?

I just finished filming the last episode of the sixth season. And I can even assure you that there will be a season 7 next year.

You are rare in the cinema. What will you see in a film?

I turned Farm follies, a tasty and joyful comedy, with Alban Ivanov and Sabrina Ouazani. The true story of a peasant who, to save his farm, turns his farm into a cabaret.

Didn’t you want to reform your trio on stage with Mimie Mathy and Isabelle de Botton?

We reunited during the filming of the hundredth episode of Josephine, guardian angel. For the time being, this is not on the agenda. As for me, I have resumed, since November 13, with my show Long live tomorrow!, the tour which had been interrupted by the health crisis.

Coup de sang: Friday December 3 at 9:05 p.m. on France 2

Interview Hacène Chouchaoui



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