We deplore the great international silence on Israel’s crimes

The Secretary-General of the “Union” Party, MP Hassan Murad, considered that “one of God’s blessings upon our nation and our steadfast people in Palestine and with it its honorable resistance is that our enemy, who occupies our land, repeats the ball every time, aggressing and massacring youth, women and children, without realizing that heroism is born in Palestine.” From the mercy of the blood of its martyrs.

In a statement, he stressed, “We are very proud of the heroic martyrs of Jenin, and we express our disapproval at the way they were assassinated, because the cowardly enemy only dares to implement its plans under the weight of darkness. What we deplore is the great international silence on the crimes of the Zionist enemy, hoping that the position of the Palestinian Authority would be the same.” It is final regarding stopping the coordination of security shame, and that this decision should not be an absorption of the intensity of popular anger.”

And Murad blessed the families of the “martyrs who sown their blood in the garden of the liberation of Palestine, all of Palestine. We await with the rest of our people the lessons of the resistance that will come to do so as every time.”

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