The weather tomorrow will be partly cloudy with scattered rain, which will increase at night in the north, and will be accompanied by active winds

The Department of Estimates at the Meteorological Authority stated that “the effect of storm Farah continues on Lebanon and the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, accompanied by heavy rains and snow and sometimes severe cold polar winds, and its effect decreases relatively today, Thursday, and returns to gradually intensify from Saturday morning; and reaches its […]

Putin called for the establishment of joint military training centers with Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked his government to negotiate with Minsk to establish joint military training centers with Belarus, Russia’s neighbor and one of the very few countries that support it in its attack on Ukraine. Putin assigned the defense and foreign ministers to negotiate with their Belarusian counterparts to establish these centers, without […]

We will call for a strike on February 8 on all Lebanese soil

The head of the land transport federations and unions, Bassam Tlais, said, “The land transport sector has reached an unbearable level, and we have endured a lot. Tlais indicated, during a meeting held by the sector federations and trade unions at the headquarters of the General Labor Union, that “we know that all economic sectors […]

Azerbaijan intends to evacuate its embassy in Iran today, after it was attacked

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it will evacuate today the employees of its embassy in Iran and members of their families, two days after an attack by an armed man that killed a security guard and wounded two others, which Baku described as a “terrorist act.” And the police in Tehran announced […]