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Washington think-tank about propaganda on the spit crossing

“The Russian authorities and some pro-ecological groups in Poland and Germany have opposed the digging (…) since the first idea in this respect in 2004. However, now the implementation of the project, which is to be completed by 2022, has been brought to a higher gear Workers finished clearing the ground and started digging the canal itself. Meanwhile, Moscow commentators are moving from complaints about its alleged environmental impact to the suggestion that the only reason it arises is to provide NATO warships access to the Kaliningrad Bay without first having to go through military facilities. in this regard, they claim that this channel is a direct threat to the security of Kaliningrad and the Russian Federation as a whole, “reads the analysis.

Goble refers to the text by Fyodor Koloskov for the portal “Rhythm of Eurasia”. The security commentator argues that the excavation has no economic justification, is harmful to the environment and that there was not a single case in which Baltiysk blocked the passage of a Polish ship. Instead, he points out, the entire project reflects Polish “paranoia” about Russia and “the desire of Warsaw and its NATO allies to gain access to waters adjacent to Kaliningrad – so as to threaten or even attack this Russian region from the sea.”

“Koloskov estimates that Moscow still hopes to stifle the project, mobilizing environmentalists in Poland and Europe, and supporting the opposition to the Polish government. Indicates that the government remains fully involved in the construction of the channel; but many opponents say the project is too expensive, it will hurt the resort area without bringing economic benefits to north-eastern Poland and will help NATO, but not Poland. Therefore, the words of Koloskov suggest the direction of Russian propaganda and other actions and the fact that Moscow hopes to slow down or completely bury the spit dig “, reads a Washington think tank .

As another element of Russian propaganda, Paul Goble points to the argument used by Koloskov regarding tourism. According to the Russian, the Vistula Spit is a popular tourist destination for Poles. He estimates that the investment will cease to be attractive to tourists. “Some Poles perceive all channel opponents as” Moscow agents, “and this makes any discussions on this topic more difficult than they could be – at least from a Russian perspective,” adds Fyodor Koloskov.

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