Vladislav Panev: There will be a regular office for up to two weeks

Vladislav Panev

“There will be a regular cabinet within the next two weeks. There is unanimity on many issues. The focus in the coming days will be on the structure of the government. Then the A team must become clear. “

Vladislav Panev from Democratic Bulgaria said this on the NovaNews show “Offensive” minutes after his participation in the negotiations for forming a coalition cabinet.

“I think that Kiril Petkov is suitable for prime minister, Asen Vassilev for finance minister, and Borislav Sandov for minister of ecology and deputy prime minister. This must be agreed with the partners in the future coalition. “In three sectors, Democratic Bulgaria must be a leading force – justice, ecology and innovation,” Panev said.

He specified that he had recently returned from Mozambique and it is quite possible that he would be the zero patient with the new strain of coronavirus. “Some colleagues were worried about the negotiations today, and next week the government may be quarantined,” added Panev, who appeared in the studio in various rainbow-colored socks and hearts.



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