‘The Flash’: Filmed photos leaked with first look at the Batmobile and the Batcave

The shooting of ‘The Flash’ is going like a bolt (sorry). Everything in order, only that maybe Warner Bros. should be thinking about improving security, because they are not being able to prevent leaks. We’ve seen paparazzi photos showing us Michael Keaton playing a grizzled Bruce Wayne and Batman’s mansion … and now we have […]

James Gunn reveals how the two ‘Suicide Squad’ movies connect

After the critical failure that was ‘Suicide Squad’ by David Ayer, warner decided to give the characters a facelift and hired James Gunn to make a somewhat different sequel that has ended up being titled ‘The Suicide Squad’ and will be released in theaters this next August 6. We are clear that it is not […]

Stan Lee already has his own street in New York

Stan Lee he was lucky to enjoy a lot of tributes in life. Surely you would have been amazed to discover that for a few days he already has his own street in New York near the institute where he studied. Fans of the Spider-Man creator already have a new pilgrimage site in the Bronx. […]

Gal Gadot shows her pregnant belly and announces a “great” project

Gal Gadot is not stopping and is still immersed in her career after the busy year she has lived with the premiere of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. The actress, who rose to fame for giving life to this DC superhero and warrior from the Amazon, is also expecting her third child at 35, which has shown […]

Severe winter in late March

Snowdrops PHOTO: Pixaybey Rain and snow will fall in almost the whole country from Saturday to Wednesday, Nova TV reported. A Mediterranean cyclone passes over Greece and Turkey, which will affect the southern half of our country during the day. There will be more significant clouds and rainfall in Central Southern and Southeastern Bulgaria. It […]

Volkswagen is building 6 giga battery factories in Europe

As part of the first Power Day event, the Volkswagen Group presented its roadmap for technological development in the field of batteries and charging solutions in the period up to 2030. The main goals of the long-term development program are to significantly reduce the technological complexity and production cost of batteries, which in turn will […]