Visum Lesti domestic violence is clear evidence even if Rizky Billar dodges


Investigation of suspected cases of domestic violence Bill Rizky to his wife, Lesti Kejora, is still under investigation by the police. Rizky Billar was also asked for information by the South Jakarta Metro Police regarding the alleged domestic violence.

Rizky Billar was due to be seen on Thursday (6/10) yesterday, but was absent due to psychological problems. Rizky Billar, represented by his lawyer, denied the domestic violence allegations.

Although the police claimed there was an autopsy which was evidence of the alleged domestic violence, but Bill Rizky disprove it. Rizky Billar has his own version of the incident reported by Lesti Kejora.


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Visum by Lesti Kejora is solid evidence

Police conducted an autopsy on Lesti Kejora for his report on alleged domestic violence. Police said the autopsy was clear evidence.

“The results of this post mortem are definitive, there is no engineering,” said Polda Metro Public Relations chief Jaya Kombes Endra Zulpan when contacted Thursday (10/06/2022).

From the autopsy it is known that Lesti Kejora suffered several injuries on his body. The injuries are thought to be the result of Domestic violence by Rizky Billar.

Zulpan said the autopsy results were authentic evidence and Lesti Kejora’s domestic violence report was not an engineering act.

Loh, yes (authentic proof). The autopsy results support the victim’s police report, “Zulpan explained.

Rizky Billar dodges on domestic violence

Rizky Billar, through his lawyer, Ade Epril, denied Lesti Kejora’s report on domestic violence. Rizky Billar has his version of the story of the accident on Wednesday (9/28) that early in the morning.

Although the police already have the autopsy results, according to Ade Epril, the report Lesti Kejora it is excessive.

“Oh, no, that’s an exaggeration. Even though there is an autopsy, there is no examination yet. We are awaiting the examination next week,” Ade Epril told reporters at South Jakarta Police. Thursday (6/10).

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