US withdrawal from Afghanistan: Biden makes a statement

US President Joe Biden

The American leader appealed to the nation regarding the end of the US 20-year war in Afghanistan.

US President Joe Biden stated that it was no longer in the national interest of the United States to continue the war in Afghanistan and that the withdrawal of American troops from the republic was an overshadowed mission. This was discussed in his handling to the nation on Tuesday, August 31st.

“Last night in Kabul, the United States ended the 20-year war in Afghanistan – the longest war in American history. We completed the largest air evacuation operation in history,” the head of state said.

He clarified that the war in Afghanistan has cost the United States an average of $ 300 million a day over the past 20 years and has affected 800,000 troops, including those killed and injured or traumatized.

Therefore, Biden continued, Washington was faced with a choice: withdraw its troops from the republic or introduce additional forces “that would once again return to the war.”

“I refused to continue the war, which no longer served the national interest,” he said.

According to the president, the United States was able to take out of Afghanistan 90% of the Americans who wanted to leave, and this mission was carried out “extremely successfully.” At the same time, he recalled 13 dead and 20 wounded during the evacuation of American troops.

Further, Biden assured, Washington will do everything possible to prevent terrorists from launching an attack on the United States from Afghanistan. In addition, the States need to focus on new challenges, including from Russia and China, he summed up.

Recall, on the night of August 31 US military left Kabul airportand it came under the control of the Taliban. After that, frames appeared on the Web like Taliban celebrate withdrawal of US troops from the republic.

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