Hunger and human trafficking. Situation in Afghanistan

Situation in Afghanistan The UN Human Rights Agency said on Tuesday that information about the massacre of Afghan civilians by the Taliban is confirmed. More than three months ago, the Taliban took complete control of Afghanistan. The Taliban have pledged not to persecute populations who have collaborated with international coalition forces. But it doesn’t seem […]

Afghanistan issues a decree on women’s rights

No one can force women to marry, Taliban decided A woman is not wealth, but a noble and free man, said the leader of the Taliban, Khaybatullah Akhundzad. In Afghanistan, the supreme leader of the radical Taliban movement Haybatullah Akhundzada issued a special decree on women’s rights. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said this, reports Interfax […]

Taliban announced construction of cannabis processing plant

Photo: Said Hosti / Twitter Taliban will process cannabis The estimated investment in production is $ 430 million, the Taliban said. The radical Taliban have announced their intention to establish a cannabis processing plant in the country. Said Khosti, the head of the press center of the Taliban Interior Ministry, wrote about this the day […]

EU plans to open embassy in Afghanistan within a month

Diplomats may return to Kabul The embassy in Afghanistan should help the European Union lobby for the protection of human rights in the country and force the Taliban to fulfill their obligations. The European Union plans to reopen its embassy in Afghanistan, which is now overrun by Taliban militants, the resumption of the diplomatic mission […]

Taliban announced negotiations with Russia on recognition of their government

Zabiullah Mujahid hopes for Russia’s help in rebuilding Afghanistan We are talking about diplomatic relations, without which further cooperation is simply impossible, the Taliban explained. The radical Islamist Taliban is in talks with Russia on the recognition of its government and the mutual opening of embassies. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Information […]

Taliban launched large-scale operation against Islamic State

Taliban-ISIS standoff escalates The fighting takes place in at least four Afghan provinces – Kabul, Kunar, Nangarhar and Parwan. Militants of the radical Taliban are conducting a military operation against the Islamic State terrorist group in several provinces of Afghanistan. It is reported by Interfax citing EFE agency on Friday 8 October. It is indicated […]

G20 will hold an extraordinary summit on Afghanistan

Mario Draghi explained the need for an extraordinary G20 summit The international community must develop a strategy to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a haven for militants, the Italian prime minister said. An extraordinary summit of the G20 countries will be held on October 12. World leaders will discuss the situation in Afghanistan after the seizure […]

Reasons for the failure of the United States in Afghanistan. Blinken’s interrogation

Congressmen and senators were unanimous in their negative assessments of the organization of the withdrawal and evacuation. The head of the US State Department, Anthony Blinken, was interrogated in Congress for two days in connection with the completion of the military mission in Afghanistan. According to him, the main reason for the failure was the […]

In Afghanistan, the Taliban raised their flag over the presidential palace

Earlier, the Taliban changed their minds to hold the inauguration of the government Earlier, the new Taliban “prime minister” officially opened the work of the interim “government” in the country. Taliban members raised their flag over the presidential palace in Afghanistan on the same day the US and the world commemorate the 20th anniversary of […]

Afghanistan received humanitarian aid from five countries

Photo: Anadolu Unloading humanitarian aid in Afghanistan Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Pakistan and Turkmenistan have already sent humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. Afghanistan received humanitarian aid from five states. It is reported by Anadolu Thursday 9 September. So, today at noon, a plane arrived in Kabul with humanitarian aid from Pakistan, including food and medicine. Two more […]