Upper Thailand – Bangkok The temperature rises before decreasing by 4-6 degrees until the next week.

The Meteorological Department predicts upper Thailand temperatures will rise. Before coming back to cooler 4-6 degrees, long until 19 Jan ’64, the lower Gulf of Thailand has 2-3 meters high waves. Less dust accumulation

From the cold weather during this time Meteorological Department Weather forecasts for the next seven days indicate that during 14 – 16 Jan ’64, the high pressure area will weaken. Make upper Thailand The temperature rises 3-5 degrees Celsius with morning fog. For the northeast monsoon, there is a weakening. Causing wind waves in the Gulf of Thailand to be moderate

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During 17 – 19 Jan ’21, a new strong high pressure area from China will extend to cover upper Thailand. Causing the area to be cold to cold and windy The temperature drops by 4-6 degrees Celsius for the strong northeast monsoon prevails over the Gulf of Thailand and the South. Causing strong wind waves in the Gulf of Thailand The lower Gulf of Thailand has waves 2-3 meters high.

Precautions During 15 – 16 Jan ’64, people in the upper Thailand are beware of traveling through foggy areas as well. During 17 – 19 Jan ’64, people in Thailand Upper health care Due to the colder weather For the south east coast People who live in coastal areas are urged to be careful of the dangers of the waves hitting the shore. And sailors in the Gulf of Thailand I wish to sail with care And small boats in the lower Gulf of Thailand should be discontinued

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By the weather in Bangkok

  • During 14-17 January ’64, cool with morning fog. The temperature will rise by 2-4 degrees Celsius.
    Minimum temperature 18-22 degrees Celsius, maximum temperature 32-34 degrees Celsius, northeasterly winds 10-30 km / h.
  • During 18-19 January ’64, cool and windy. 2-4 degrees Celsius drop, minimum temperature 16-18 degrees Celsius, maximum temperature 29-31 degrees Celsius, northeast wind 15-30 km / h.

In matters of dust It is predicted that on 14 – 16 Jan. Together with the inversion of temperature (Inversion) lower level The ceiling of levitation of dust particles is lower. Thus increasing the accumulation of dust Especially the central region And west of Bangkok and its vicinity (Nakhon Pathom, Samut Songkhram, Samut Sakhon)

17 – 20 Jan ’20, the relatively strong cold air mass from China. Will extend to cover the northeast Causing the temperature to drop The northeast wind is stronger. Less dust accumulation

In the south, there is still some rain. Mostly in the south and east coast The northeast monsoon is moderate to strong. Causing the accumulation of dust particles is minimal throughout the period

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