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Offenbach fights for skilled workers | Offenbach

The city has presented a personnel concept until 2025. Over the next four years, 220 administrative employees who are retiring will have to be replaced.

Attract, retain and develop staff. These are the three focal points of the 2025 personnel concept that the city of Offenbach has launched. “This is a reaction to demographic change and the fight for good people in the Rhine-Main area,” says Mayor Felix Schwenke (SPD). In the next four years around 220 of the 1200 employees will leave the city administration because they are retiring, including many managers. Employees who are reorienting themselves for other reasons are not taken into account. That is why the concept is designed for the long term in order to be proactive in the market.

“We have been making a personnel report for 20 years. So far we haven’t looked ahead, ”says Thomas Heberer, Head of the Personnel Office. The city has the biggest problems in attracting skilled workers in the construction sector. Due to the numerous projects in the Rhine-Main area, there is great competition from the cities, but also from the private sector, which in most cases pays better. “It’s also difficult to find medical staff,” says Heberer. Suitable occupational physicians: inside even an “impossible thing” in times of the coronavirus pandemic. In the course of digitization in all areas of society, there will also be major competition in the IT sector, emphasizes Schwenke.

The failure of trade fairs has made access to new trainees more difficult. Heber explains that the offers are not perceived as digitally as in face-to-face meetings. “At the moment we have more apprenticeship positions on offer than demand.” The city of Offenbach currently has forty apprentices;

An anonymous application process to hire more employees with a migration background is not considered to be very effective in the city. “What we need is intercultural competence,” says Schwenke. In every job advertisement there is an offensive commitment that the population should also be reflected in the administration. But there is no exact number.

The city used the Corona year to advance digitization. “You can now apply online to almost all offices,” says Schwenke. In addition, all employees would be gradually equipped with the necessary hardware inside. There was even a city council resolution. Greatest priority for the OB: to emphasize the attractiveness of an urban job. “We have the job ticket, which will be available free of charge from next year. We help you find accommodation and care. And we train our specialists, ”explains Schwenke.

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