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Understanding Heart Disease: Symptoms and Differences in Diabetic Patients

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A heart surgeon revealed the symptoms of heart disease, pointing out that these symptoms differ in the case of diabetes, and a single case in which urgent aid is necessary.

The doctor said on the “Al-Ikhbariya” channel that heart disease is divided into two parts, a section related to the coronary arteries of the heart and a section related to valves.

He explained that the coronary arteries of the heart may be chronic over several years and may be an emergency, and the emergency is called angina pectoris or a heart attack, and this often requires urgent aid.

And he added, while the chronic one is in which the accumulation of cysts and triglyceride deposits over a period of years affects the arteries in the long term.

And about how to know the beginning of a stroke in the patient, he pointed out that symptoms often appear in the long term with chest pain, mostly in the middle, that may extend to the neck, shoulders, and sometimes to the hand.

And he explained that heart disease is pain in the chest, not the heart, and the nature of the pain differs, saying: “The patient explains his condition by saying that it was a stone on his chest, or something pressing on his chest, a constricting pain or severe pressure on the chest, and he may think that it is muscle pain.”

As for diabetics, the doctor indicated that they may not show any of these symptoms, and they may have abdominal pain and a feeling of nausea.

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