UN accused Belarusian security officials of murders and rapes of political prisoners

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said that people in custody are systematically tortured in Belarus.

Bachelet spoke about the abuse of prisoners in Belarus photo REUTERS

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet expressed concern over the continuing suppression of dissent in Belarus by the Lukashenka regime.

The report, presented at the session of the Human Rights Council at the UN in Geneva, collected data on human rights violations in Belarus, starting in May 2020.

According to Bachelet, the Belarusian government refused to help the UN experts in the investigation, the results of which she described as “discouraging.”

“I am deeply concerned about the increasingly stringent restrictions on fundamental civil liberties, including continued police raids on organizations representing civil society and independent media, and the arrest and prosecution of human rights defenders and journalists,” Bachelet said.

The report notes that at present there are over 650 political prisoners in Belarus. Last year, according to the UN, about 500 journalists were detained, at least 68 of whom were ill-treated.

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Michelle Bachelet also expressed concern over reports of ill-treatment and torture to which the arrested Belarusians, including minors, were subjected. At least four protesters have died while in police custody, the report said.

The UN has also received reports of sexual violence perpetrated by law enforcement officials, primarily, but not exclusively, against women and girls. According to Bachelet, it is about sexual assault, threats of sexual violence, psychological abuse and sexual harassment against both women and men. transfers Voice of America.

After the 2020 presidential elections in Belarus, thousands people were running to neighboring countries in search of asylum.

Ambassador of Belarus at the UN in Geneva, Yuri Ambrazevich, commenting on the report, said that the experts had ignored the position of the government of Belarus in it.


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