Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant released a new van on the chassis of the Pro – the network is delighted

A camper, a stall or a hearse – in any case, this UAZ is useful in the household.

In April 2019, the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant announced that by the end of 2021 it would release a serious competitor to Toyota Land Cruiser in the face of a completely new car, which later became known as the Russian Prado. It is known that UAZ intends to develop its new product in three body styles – an SUV, a pickup truck and a van.

Car enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting news of the “Russian Prado”, because the manufacturer has not yet disclosed reliable details about the appearance or technical characteristics. Therefore, the news that the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, together with the Kolomenskiy Experimental and Mechanical Plant, released a new van on the chassis of the Profi, excited the network.

The van is made on the basis of the chassis with a double-row cab, and its cargo compartment consists of reinforced plastic and involves access from three sides, which ensures ease of loading and unloading. Moreover, the sash can be lifted and fixed using hydraulic cylinders. Roof rails are additionally provided for the transport of long items.

Currently, the van is undergoing the final stage of life tests. Representatives of the plant also said that they had not yet decided for what purposes it is better to use a new car, and therefore turned to motorists with a request to come up with their own options. And a lot of versions were offered: “Snack bar on wheels”, “Minimaster”, “For the Ministry of Emergencies”, “To replace the Loafs with the ambulance carriage”, “Bread truck”, “Ice cream maker”, “Hearse”, “Expeditionary”.

It is worth saying that the network is delighted with the original van. “Russian Prado, is that you?”, “A good thing in the household”, “Ideal for selling shawarma,” users of the VKontakte social network write.



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