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After the senator and presidential candidate, Gustavo Petro, publish in Twitter, without scientific evidence, that “vaccines are not useful for virus covid-delta, according to first investigations ”, the social network put a brake on it and blocking the trill, calling it ‘misleading‘.

This Tweet is misleading. Learn why health officials recommend a vaccine for most people“, wrote Twitter along with a link that assures that clinical trials show that vaccines against covid-19 reduce the severity of the disease and its mortality.

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The social network disabled the option for users to share Petro’s trill.



In addition to this, the social network disabled the option for users to comment, give ‘I like‘ O ‘Retweeted‘to the message. Similarly, it is not possible to see the other trills that the senator had put as a thread of the original message.

In the trill, which was described by many sectors as “irresponsible”, Petro also ensured that the Delta variantit spreads faster. It is already in Colombia. The health debate must be revived“He also said that”because the poor were left without vaccines for sponsoring a business”.

Faced with the blockade by the social network, the politician from ‘Colombia Humana’ spoke out, ensuring that “This trill of mine detached from the others can mislead the unsuspecting reader: vaccines do not serve to stop the virus in Delta mode as the world press has expressed it, but they serve to stop death and hospitalization. You have to get vaccinated now“.

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Faced with this controversy, President Duque, without mentioning the leader of the opposition, said: “Let it be clear to those voices out there that try to insinuate to the public not to be vaccinated, that the vaccine is said to be useless: that they do not intend to sow more chaos in Colombia“.

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In turn, the Ministry of Health ruled, ensuring that despite the fact that the Delta “represents a greater contagion capacity, # LasVacunasSíProtegen and they have proven to be highly effective in preventing serious illness and death. Therefore, let’s get vaccinated and maintain the prevention measures that we already knows”.

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