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Tuija Pehkonen was surprised by a man’s comment: “What kind of father dares?” – 2024-04-21 17:15:10

Tuija Pehkonen tells her social media followers that she came across hardened standards of motherhood.

Tuija Pehkonen is tired of the old, hardened norms and models of motherhood. Inka Soveri

Presenter Tuija Pehkonen, 38, posted a candid update on her family life. Snowboarder and snowboarder Today Ettalalla39, has two sons, the first born in autumn 2020 and the youngest in August 2023.

The presenter admits that it is not always easy to combine the daily lives of children and the careers of two entrepreneurial parents.

– Sometimes the calendar fills up within the minute schedule, there are not enough hours in the day and everything extra has fallen away. Sometimes (most of the time) it’s really tiring. But yes, this is possible and at the same time also very rewarding, he writes in his post.

At the same time, she says that she has repeatedly come across the compartmentalization of motherhood and old, hardened norms and models.

– Those stories start from how the mother is the child’s primary parent – when she happens to have breasts that ooze milk. Those stories end in how women now just happen to have a bigger grooming kit, the presenter opens.

– Most recently, a few days ago, I listened to a father’s story about how a man is mostly an assistant and extra in a baby’s life for the first year. I just wondered what kind of father would dare to brag about that, he recalls.

Pehkonen praises how parenting in their family is not only the main responsibility of the other party.

– I am really satisfied that we have shared parenting equally from the beginning and both careers have been equal in our family. Both of us parents have also been able to be present for the children and participate in the wonderful moments of their lives. It’s wonderful that it’s not just the other parent’s prerogative.

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Pehkonen has openly shared his family life and thoughts about parenting on his social media. For example, in November 2023, Pehkonen said that raising a second child felt a little more challenging when “all the threads have literally fallen out of hand”.

– It’s a daily school of learning that all places are a bit out of whack, things are half way and things are sprawling. Piles everywhere, laundry unwashed, clean underwear out, emails unanswered. Things are forgotten in the mind. That is, every thing that is not written down, disappears from the head, the host wrote.

– It is okay. We are learning. Sometimes it’s unbearable, but all the time I have so much gratitude in the back of my head. About life. And for those guys who messed it up with a brand new faith, Pehkonen ends his writing with heart emojis, he stated.

This is how presenter Tuija Pehkonen told about her motherhood in the summer of 2021.

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