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Fallout 76 Sets New Concurrent User Record on Steam: Resurgence of Popularity Continues

Fallout 76 Breaks Concurrent Player Record on Steam

Fallout fever refuses to wane as the world sees a remarkable resurgence in popularity for the Fallout series. Fallout 4, New Vegas, and Fallout 76 have drawn in a legion of players, with the latter recently shattering its own concurrent user record on the Steam platform, years after its initial release.

Fallout 76 on Steam

According to SteamDB, a prominent source of Steam data, the 2018 action RPG, Fallout 76, reached an extraordinary milestone by hosting 66,045 simultaneous players on the Steam platform. This achievement represents the highest concurrent user count the game has ever achieved since its debut in 2020.

The Fallout TV Show Effect

The triumphant surge in Fallout 76’s popularity can be attributed, at least in part, to the enormous success of Amazon’s Fallout TV series. Anticipation for the show has amplified interest in the entire Fallout franchise, inspiring fans to revisit beloved titles like Fallout 76 and catapulting its concurrent player count to new heights.

Impressive Growth

Previously, Fallout 76’s concurrent player record stood around 40,000, showcasing an exponential increase by over 60% following the TV show’s surge in popularity. It’s important to note that this record-breaking figure on Steam does not account for the countless players who may have joined the fray on Xbox, thanks to the Fallout series being available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at no additional cost.

Fallout: London Mod Delayed

For those eagerly anticipating the arrival of Fallout: London, an extensive fan-made mod for Fallout 4, there is unfortunate news. The mod, which promises to take players to the previously unexplored post-apocalyptic London, has faced another setback. Initially scheduled for release on April 23, 2024, the mod’s launch has been postponed once again. The lead developer, Dean Carter, cites the upcoming release of the long-awaited next-gen update for Fallout 4, just two days after the scheduled launch of Fallout: London, as the primary reason for the delay. Carter explains that this update could pose significant compatibility issues for the mod, implying that it would render several years of their team’s toil obsolete.

Second Season Confirmed for Fallout TV Series

In other Fallout-related news, the Fallout TV series, produced by Amazon and garnering tremendous acclaim, has officially been renewed for a second season. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, executive producers of the show via Kilter Films, express their eagerness to once again shake the post-apocalyptic world to its core with their engaging storytelling.

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