Tips for choosing dates that are safe for people with diabetes

PRIANGANTIMURNEWS – Patient diabetes usually avoid food manis to keep pace sugar blood is one of the foods that are often considered taboo for people with diabetes is dates.

Because the taste is legit and manis many think dates dangerous for sufferers diabetes even though dates is one of the fruits that contain many nutrients for the body.

Besides consuming dates in the month of Ramadan it is also destroyed because it can increase energy when fasting calories dates also higher than most other fruits.

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Most calories in dates derived from carbohydrates and protein so eat dates feel good other than that dates also contains various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are important in the healing process of disease,

In Indonesia, there are 3 types dates circulating in the community, the three types dates It is dates medjool dates sugar and dates Tunisia.

For the general public, they are free to choose the type of dates These are for consumption because they both contain nutrients that are good for the body, but for people with diabetes.

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It is recommended to choose the type dates medjool because the taste is not too manis for tips on choosing dates which is safe for sufferers to consume diabetes.

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