They reveal the cause of death of a woman who tried to leave the parking lot

The young woman was found dead after her credit card fell when she tried to pay for parking and her head got stuck with the payment machine. Today the true cause of his death comes to light.


IN CONTEXT: Woman dies while trying to get out of a parking lot in the US.


This Tuesday, March 24, 2021, the Franklin County Coroner’s Office, Ohio, United States, revealed a report with the details of the death of Victoria Strauss, the woman who died after her head was stuck with the payment machine when leaving a parking lot.

The Ohio State University social services student passed away on January 18, in a parking lot on 45 Vine Street, immediately due to alleged head trauma and suffocation.

But, according to the coroner’s report the real cause of death it was for acute ethanol poisoning, because in Strauss’s blood there was an alcohol level of 0.221.

Victoria Strauss died while trying to get out of a parking lot. (Photo: Facebook)

Strauss was a graduate student in social service and was originally from Florida.

On the day of his death, at 11:37 p.m., a security camera captured the moment he was going to pay for parking, when his credit card fell off.

When bending down to try to get it back stepped on the gas by mistake and therefore his head got stuck between his cart and the wall of the payment machine.

The young woman’s body It was discovered the next day by a guard.



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