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They raise funds to help the family of the delivery man ‘Tibo’

Friends, relatives and close associates of Tiburcio Castillo have come together from all over New York and even from Mexico to support his family.

There are three pages created to raise funds through Gofundme and one led by the Quatorze restaurant, where he worked, already has more than five hundred donations.

“Tibu’ was a sweetheart. She came to work every day with a smile. I never heard him complain, he worked tirelessly six days a week to support his family,” said Alex McNeice, Quatorze restaurant manager.

In addition to the GoFundMe page, the restaurant is organizing a special day for Friday, July 15.

“All sales will go to the Tibu’ family, both for lunch and dinner, and those who cannot come to the restaurant are invited to make a donation through the Gofundme we’ve created,” added McNeice.


While the funds are collected, the family organizes all the necessary paperwork from a funeral home to be able to transfer Tiburcio’s remains to Mexico, his native country.


There, his parents, other brothers and close friends are waiting for him to say a last goodbye.

“What we would like is for it to speed up a little, everything so that the body arrives as soon as possible in Mexico. We know that Tuesday will be his funeral and from then on we no longer have a date when he will leave, “said David Castillo, Tiburcio’s younger brother.

A spokesperson for the Mexican Consulate General in New York told us that they have been supporting the family since the food delivery man disappeared and now with the repatriation process.

His brothers ask that the investigation continue by the police to clarify the facts of the attack and to capture those responsible for Tiburcio’s death.

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