They pay almost 2 million pesos for pruning green areas in Poza Rica

Poza Rica, Ver.- Prostrated in a hospital bed, Ehrandy asks for help from the authorities because the person responsible for a crash abandoned her; Impotent due to the lack of support, she accused that the insurer also refused to cover medical expenses, they even invented that she was in a state of alcohol in order not to pay the expenses

A woman who was the victim of a car accident reported that the insurance company abandoned her to her fate, in addition to the fact that the taxi driver also got rid of the accident; After several days, she is still admitted to a hospital where she is allegedly denied food because the insurer has not guaranteed any type of payment.

Ehrandy Cruz narrated that the events occurred last Wednesday on the Poza Rica-Cazones highway, at the La Rueda neighborhood of this city; He explained to Vanguardia that on the day of the events, he left his house to buy banana leaves, since he sells tamales, but at Walmart, the rental unit in which he was traveling collided with another taxi. After she was injured, the same driver, whose name she never gave, offered to take her to a private hospital, where after an assessment they told her that the injuries were not serious.

“Later I came back because it hurt a lot, and I was hospitalized. The taxi driver told me that I had to sign some documents where I was not going to proceed legally and that they disqualify him from all responsibility, but I refused because I was still hospitalized and they did not want to commit to paying my expenses, “he said.

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But the refusal of payment from the company called Grupo Líder, has brought other consequences such as due care (including food) in the hospital where she is hospitalized, which is located in the 27 de Septiembre neighborhood.

As if this were not enough, the woman adds that they fraudulently took away her voter identification card with which they knew she would proceed legally, the pretext was that the driver was going to make a copy of her and she never returned. “The alleged owner of the car is called Melitón Sánchez, who also left me alone,” he says.

Until now, both the company called Grupo Líder, as well as the owner of the car and the driver, have abandoned the woman to her fate, who only has the claim number 21010039 within her reach, which she was given when she was admitted to the hospital. “I don’t even know the number of the car, I just want the citizens to help me and if they can give me the number to report, the accident happened on Saturday at 2 in the afternoon in front of Walmart,” he concluded.

By Clemente Hernández Reyes

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