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the singer hardly ever sang “I Will Always Love You”

A great cinema classic brought to you by one of the most beautiful voices of all time, the cinema Bodyguard blew up the career of WhitneyHouston upon its release in 1992. If the romance with the singer with the golden voice and the darling of American cinema of the 90s, Kevin Costneris one of the cornerstones of the feature film, it is the soundtrack of this which, 30 years later, makes it an even more popular film than ever.

As the New York Post indicates, Whitney Houston almost never performed what has become the biggest hit of her repertoire: the diva was supposed to sing the title What becomes of the broken heart originally a title produced by Motown.

Not convinced of the legitimacy of the title in the film and deemed too obscure, the song was finally scrapped when Paul Young a version of sorts What becomes of the broken heartan unexpected event that allowed the singer to perform I will Always Love You and experience an incredible success story.

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