The sadness of an ATI doctor: “Patients with oxygen masks on their faces tell us that they do not believe in the virus. It’s a slap in the face for us. ”VIDEO

“I have an infernal back pain,” a 30-year-old man, unvaccinated, who has never been hospitalized in his life, tells SMURD doctors. He’s been infected with COVID for a week. The pain is so great that he can hardly sit on the bed to be given a sedative. In another part of Cluj, an elderly patient talks to SMURD doctors. She is unvaccinated, has not eaten for a week and has difficulty breathing for 3-4 days and oxygen saturation of 70%. “I’m out of breath,” she says in panic to the doctors as they fix her oxygen mask.

Both filmed interventions had hundreds of thousands of views on the YouTube channel of Paul Oargă, a resident doctor in the second year at the Cluj-Napoca County Emergency Clinical Hospital and SMURD volunteer. The effect of the images is shocking and disruptive to those outside the medical system. “Unfortunately, there are many patients admitted to Intensive Care, who are conscious, who refuse to believe in the virus and say that they would not be vaccinated anyway. I’m on the hospital bed, it’s hard for them to breathe, they have an oxygen mask on their face and they tell us they don’t believe us “, Paul says sadly. He was impressed when a colleague told him about a lady who could not breathe, and after he had hardly accepted the oxygen mask, he began to feel better. Don’t you believe in this virus, though? ” “Not really,” she replied. “It’s incredible, it’s a slap in the face of us, of those who are there and we treat them, but we don’t have their trust. Trust is a very important thing when you treat a patient, because we need them to cooperate “, continues Oargă.

“It’s incredible, it’s a slap in the face of us, of those who are there and we treat them, but we don’t have their trust. Trust is a very important thing when treating a patient, because we need them to cooperate “, Paul Oargă, resident doctor

“We see many tragedies”

The resident says that he is hit daily by patients who strongly believe that oxygen is toxic, that the mask suffocates you, the virus does not exist and vaccination is in danger of death. “Then we have to explain this much, much, much more carefully, and there is still a barrier to explaining to a patient who strongly believes that the virus does not exist. We also encounter his reluctance, which, although he is in Intensive Care, refuses to believe. As I began to see more and more such patients, I realized that these vaccination campaigns were ineffective and that a different approach would be needed. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Thus, I ended up posting these videos, so that everyone can see what is happening in reality “, explains Paul. “We see many tragedies and my motivation to make these videos starts from the desire to show the harsh reality we have to face as doctors, but also nurses, nurses or stretchers who work there side by side with us,” he added. .

Lack of education

Oargă understands that for most Romanians a hospitalization was, most of the time, a negative experience, but also the reluctance of people towards doctors who take payroll and treat patients differently. “I believe, however, that the main reason why people do not get vaccinated and do not believe in the virus is the lack of education. We are looking at more western peoples, where the degree of education and trust in the authorities is high and there the vaccination has reached 85-90% and they are fine. “However, the doctor believes that the vast majority of people can be convinced. “We do not have a personality that creates the bridge between the health system and people. That’s one of the reasons I created the YouTube channel. I don’t think you have to force and give people time. The disadvantage is that there are people like Mrs. Şoşoacă who reach through social media a lot of vulnerable people with this kind of false information “, says the Cluj resident. He does not resent patients who, although in serious condition, deny the existence of the virus and believe in conspiracy theory: “It bothers me that I can’t find a way to make them understand. It’s something that escapes us, the doctors, we don’t have time to prepare a lot on this side, because we have to take care of the medical part “.

“It’s tragic in the emergency room”

Paul Oargă says that the first signs of wave 4 have been shown since September 4. “Unfortunately, the emergency system is very crowded, there is a very large flow of patients. You have a limited number of places on Intensive Care. I put extra stretchers and that’s it. More can not be. You can not. First of all, you have no staff. You find beds, fans, rooms, but you don’t have staff “, he claims. SMURD interventions in COVID patients, where Paul is on duty twice a month, are difficult: “We go to patients with COVID complications, in addition to the other emergencies that have remained constant. It’s awkward to work in those protective suits. I sometimes stayed for 12 hours without eating anything, without drinking, without going to the bathroom. When you have a lot of work to do, you have nothing to do ”.

Oargă claims that the situation in the Emergency Department is tragic. “I saw that in Bucharest they no longer had oxygen to administer to patients, which is serious. It has reached a huge capacity. The College of Physicians even came out with a message announcing to the population that the situation is very serious “. He also sees a positive side in the evolution of the last days: “I am glad that some of the patients have been taken to the West. And if 10-20-30 critically ill patients are taken over, it’s still very good. “

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