The New Mafia will be the prequel of the trilogy

We have good news for Mafia fans. After several canceled projects, there are 13 in Hangar in the early stages of development the new Mafia. It is expected to be about prequel trilogie and will be built on modern technology Unreal Engine 5. The information is unofficial, the Kotaku server brought it, stating that the new Mafia is codenamed Nero.

Hangar 13 is newly run by Nick Baynes, who founded Hangar 13 Brighton in 2018 and participated in Mafia: Definitive Edition and Mafia Trilogy. He replaced Haden Blackman, founder of Hangar 13 and head of development failed Mafias 3. More information We summarized the difficulties in Hangar 13, which also includes offices in Prague and Brno, in a previous article.

Developers from Hangar 13 have so far used a modified Illusion engine from 2K Czechwho first introduced himself at Mafia 2 from 2010. The engine, which began to emerge at a time when we knew the Brno studio under the name Illusion Softworks, was a very impressive technology at the time of its launch, which offered great and at the same time well-optimized graphics.

Unfortunately, this took over with the release of Mafia 3. The game suffered from a number of technical shortcomings or poor optimization and graphically, she often looked worse than her predecessor. At the same time, Mafia 3 was released six years after the second part, and so it targeted a newer generation of consoles and personal computer hardware.

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The Illusion engine regained its good reputation thanks to the final edition of Mafia. Remake original Mafias from 2002, it again offered highly advanced graphics or a great technical level, even with weaker hardware. Thanks to that, Mafia: Definitive Edition won in the Technology Solution category at the award ceremony Czech game of 2020.

Although information on the use of Unreal Engine 5 instead of the Illusion engine has not yet been confirmed, there is currently no reason to disbelieve it, as We can see the replacement of proprietary technologies with the latest engine from Epic more and more often in recent months. Game creators S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl GSC Game World, for example, had previously opted for Unreal, although previous installments of the series used a vodka-powered X-Ray engine. CD Projekt RED again intends to use Unreal 5 for development of the new Sorcerer and other titles, although he developed and improved his own REDengine for many years.

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