The most touching moments from Leoš Mareš’s concerts at the O2 arena: He kissed a female fan and confessed his love to his two-month-old daughter

As Leoš Mareš announced on his Instagram, the concerts could not last unnecessarily long, so that even fans who did not have a car at their disposal could get home by public transport. And he kept his word. However, the show was spectacular in both cases and the editorial staff was not to be missed on Saturday.

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Engagements that tore the whole hall

The highlight of the performance was engagement of two concert goerswhich Leoš Mareš initiated before his favorite song was heard Fix You from Coldplay by Albert Black. It was she who played even when the moderator had a romantic dinner for two years ago He proposed his current wife Monika.

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How did Leoš Mareš ask Monika for a hand?

Leoš Mareš at that time, Monica’s father first asked if he could get engaged to his daughter, and then he went to a hotel in Mariánské Lázně with an unsuspecting girlfriend. Dinner was followed by fireworks on the terrace and the song was just heard Fix You. “When the moment came, I took out the box. Monika then told me that she didn’t get it at all. She saw the box, but thought it was a gift. So what then I knelt…,“ describes Mareš on his Instagram.

Leoš Mareš remembered the daughter of Alex and Karel Gott

Leoš Mareš’s concerts at the O2 arena in Prague did not go without others touching moments. The moderator confessed in the song Promisewhich was originally intended for her mother Monica, the love of her recently born daughter Alex. The memory of the deceased could not be missed either Karla Gottawith which Leoš is connected by a newly conceived version of the hit Forever Young.

Already on Friday, one of the fans came to her senseswho received a kiss from Leoš. The moderator just looked for her during the hit recitation The worst sentence and dedicated part of the song to her. But it didn’t just look face to face. Mareš first kissed her on the cheek and then pulled her to the podium, where he hugged her for a long time he kissed goodbye again.

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