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The Misguided Celebrations and True Tragedy: An Examination of Palestinian Reactions to Israeli Attacks

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Writer Abdullah bin Bakhit commented on a tweet by Palestinian journalist Abdel-Bari Atwan, in which he said: (The resistance battalions did not leave Jenin until they returned to it after the enemy withdrew in defeat. The battalions are entrenched and preparing for the next round and celebrating the great victory politically and militarily despite their limited capabilities and the failure of the authority and Arab governments to them. The march of honor, redemption and resistance continues.

Palestinians celebrate

Ben Bakhit said in an article titled “The Weeping of the Jews and the Celebrations of the Palestinians” in the Okaz newspaper: “All that we saw and heard and expected is that the Israelis destroyed, killed, displaced, arrested, and accomplished everything they came for, and that day will not be late when they will return to such things.”

He continued: “When Israel uses the most powerful warplanes to bomb Gaza and destroy the already worn-out infrastructure, we hear Palestinian officials and journalists celebrate the great victory achieved by the resistance.”

False victory

He added: “In fact, the Israelis will not get free publicity like this, as all their crimes are erased by this false victory in front of the world. Thanks to these celebrations, the Palestinian situation is getting worse, the Palestinian cause is retreating from the forefront, and Israel is getting closer to the Arab street.”

A struggle between strength and weakness

He continued: “The conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis is a struggle between absolute power and absolute weakness. The defenseless Palestinian fights against all available forces in the twenty-first century, tanks, planes, intelligence, and unlimited global media support. The Palestinian celebration of the delusional victory does not mislead the Palestinian alone, but rather misleads everyone who wants to.” To extend a helping hand to him does not mean to stop the conflict with Israel.

fate of the Palestinians

And he added, “The destiny of the Palestinian is the struggle and the great sacrifices, but the Palestinian way of expressing this conflict turns into a catastrophe that serves only Israel and the American media. Israel calls the attack on Gaza (war). It suggests to the world that the Palestinians have the strength that qualifies them to enter into a war with Israel.” When the average American, the average Chinese, or the average African hears about this war, he can only wait for who will be the winner in it, and when he hears the stubbornness of the Palestinians, he thinks that the war has been decided in their favor.

Palestinian antarians

And he continued: “The calamity of the Palestinian antagonists began when Yasser Arafat stood at the United Nations platform in the seventies of the last century. Instead of explaining to the world the catastrophe of his people and their pain, he began threatening the world, saying (Do not drop the green olive branch from my hand). The world thought that the man was hiding a huge force. Waiting for a sign from him.” Bin Bakhit explained: The Palestinian mind is still imprisoned in the revolutionary discourse of the sixties, when the process of liberating Palestine was at the door, and it only needed the Nasserite, Baathist, and nationalist drums that would accompany the fighters upon entering Haifa, Jaffa, and Jerusalem.

Jenin events require crying

He pointed out that what happened in Jenin does not necessitate celebration, but necessitates weeping, necessitating an appeal to the human conscience. It is necessary to remind the new Arab generations of the tragedy of the Palestinian people and their displacement. Bring the catastrophe out of oblivion. Jenin This is not a city, but rather a witness to the tragedy, and that there are other gardens inside Palestine, Lebanon and Syria inhabited by the displaced Palestinian for seventy years, whom no one remembers anymore. All Palestinian accounts should have been opened on social media at every Israeli encroachment on the file of the catastrophe of the Nakba that befell this miserable people who struggle with settlement, colonialism and the devil, and every Palestinian should tell the new generation wherever they live and in what language they speak that Israel is a functional state that colonialism left a hole in in the Arab body. Or as Stalin said: We will make Israel a thorn in (…) the Arabs.

70 years of drumming

He concluded by saying: “Seventy years of drumming and honking, which ended with ‘chatm’ with the Arabs. ‘chatm’ is fueled by the antagonists and the intelligence services, so Israel gained those who stand with it even in the Arab street.”

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