The man dies after being hit by a FedEx truck in Brooklyn

A man lost his life Wednesday night after 9:00 am when he tried to cross the intersection of Coney Island and Caton Avenue in Brooklyn.

The man was hit by the driver of a van that according to the police belongs to the Fedex company, and then he fled.

The victim, who has not yet been identified and was declared dead on the spot, was hit a second time by the driver of another vehicle, which remained on the spot.

The police continue to investigate this case.

We talked to some residents of the sector and this they told us:

“I have a car and how many times have I not escaped collisions and negligence. It’s dangerous there, it’s dangerous, ”said Georgino Ortiz.

“In this sector it is very dangerous, the cars do not respect, even if the traffic light is already there, we cross, they do not respect us”, said Ingrid Osorio.

Some have pointed out that even as pedestrians you have to be very careful:

“I think there should be more agents than there are to help direct traffic, because there are traffic lights, but we don’t respect them, pedestrians go by fast anyway, sometimes when the lights are already red,” said Alexandra Guilca.

“Sometimes I don’t look and I’m about to cross paths and I say well, it’s my responsibility to look too”, added Valentina Zacatenco.

So far this year there have been 211 traffic deaths according to police statistics, a 9.5% reduction compared to the accidents in 2021.

However, the authorities, especially the Department of Transportation, appeal to both pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, reminding us to be very careful, especially during the dark hours because more accidents occur at this time of year.

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