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The Main Cause Of The Bogor Peak Route Totally Congested Last Weekend

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Region Peak BogorWest Java has become a trending topic and viral on social media, due to a fairly severe traffic jam since Sunday (27/2/2022), until Monday (28/2/2022).

A number of netizens also complained about the traffic jam situation, they admitted that they were stuck from day to night in the city track the. Some even say that from Puncak to Jakarta it must take up to 17 hours.

Police said that the impatience of motorists waiting for the queue of vehicles to become reason main congestion. This was conveyed by the West Java Police Chief Inspector General Pol Sutan.

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“Indeed it becomes a problem at the time of the holiday many who use two-wheeled groups, sometimes do not like to heed the rules or traffic order,” said Sutan, quoted from Regional Kompas.comMonday (29/2/2022).

photo" data-photolink="http://otomotif.kompas.com/image/2022/03/01/070200615/penyebab-utama-jalur-puncak-bogor-macet-total-akhir-pekan-lalu?page=2" style=" max-width: 100% ; width:750px ">BETWEEN PHOTOS/YULIUS SATRIA WIJAYA Police regulate traffic when there is a density of vehicles on the Puncak tourist route, Cisarua, Bogor Regency, West Java, Sunday (27/2/2022). The high enthusiasm of the public to travel on weekends and the Isra Miraj Prophet Muhammad SAW holiday, resulted in the density of vehicles on the Puncak Bogor route so that the Bogor Police Traffic Unit engineered the opening and closing of the lane to break down the density of vehicles.-

Sutan added that many motorcyclists broke through and overtook other lanes so that the flow of vehicles from the front stumbled and jammed. Not only that, the driver also ignored the traffic engineering pattern that had been imposed by the officers.

“On last Sunday, there were 10 vehicles that broke down in the middle of the road, causing congestion at several points. In addition, the high number of vehicles causes the two lanes to become narrower and congestion is finally unavoidable,” he said.

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In order to anticipate similar incidents, his party asked people who want to travel to ensure the health of their vehicles.

“Don’t force walking using an unfit vehicle, the vehicle’s worthiness must also be considered,” he said.

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