The holiday ban in Lower Saxony applies to twelve regions

For people from twelve German regions with a particularly large number of new corona cases, vacationing in Lower Saxony will be more difficult. The ban on accommodation, which is intended to restrict tourist traffic from Saturday, initially applies to the districts of Cloppenburg and Wesermarsch as well as the city of Delmenhorst (all of Lower Saxony), the city of Bremen, the state of Berlin, the cities of Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach (both Hesse), Hamm, Remscheid and Herne (all NRW), Rosenheim (Bavaria) and the Esslingen district (Baden-W├╝rttemberg). The state government announced on Friday in Hanover.

“For Lower Saxony’s tourism industry, this is a major setback in the recovery phase that has just begun,” said Economics Minister Bernd Althusmann (CDU). The drop in income would therefore be offset with up to ten million euros. Health Minister Carola Reimann (SPD), on the other hand, emphasized that the ban on accommodation is “the much milder means” compared to quarantine requirements as they apply to entries from abroad.

There are also a number of exceptions: For example, vacationers with a negative corona test that is no more than two days old can “test themselves” for stays in Lower Saxony. In addition, work and medical trips are possible, as well as private visits.

Prime Minister Stephan Weil argued that the travel bans in other federal states had put Lower Saxony under pressure. It had to be ensured that tourists from Corona hotspots did not “switch to holiday destinations in Lower Saxony and increase the risk of infection,” said the SPD politician.


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