Mother hid baby for 5 months in closet in hopes of starving to death – World

A baby aged just over 5 months was found in critical condition in the mother’s wardrobe, who wanted to hide and keep it a secret. The child, called Katya, is only alive thanks to her 13-year-old brother, who on the sly side of his mother gave him scraps of food and water.

The baby was found in a sports bag that was in the mother’s wardrobe, after a friend heard her cry during her brother’s 13th birthday party.

According to the Russian portal Krasnoturyinsk Live, the baby was born in April and was closed by the mother in the closet, who expected the child to starve.

After discovery, the child, a native of Karpinsk, Russia, was transported by helicopter to the hospital in Ecaterimburgo, where it remains until now, in intensive care.

The mother has already been arrested and the Russian Investigation Committee has already opened an investigation. Yulia, 37, could be charged with torture and face up to seven years in prison.

“It is difficult to believe this horrible story, but as much as it costs us to admit it, it is real,” said Valery Gorelyhk, a spokesman for the regional police in Sverdlovsk.


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