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The history of Salé is not a long quiet river

From the outset, the reader is warned: history is not fabulation and this work intends to lift the veil on largely unknown data of the history of Morocco, in order to shed light on the reader anxious to step over fairy tales, other fables and fictions, to focus only on stories embellished with clues and substantiated facts.

The book, however, is hardly the result of academic research. To make it, the author dipped his quill in the inkwell of a journalist familiar with the investigation, the investigation more generally.

It is about a report which takes the form of a “documentary film”, and which invites the reader to a journey in time and in space, to become acquainted with the facts which occurred, of share and the other, from both banks of the Bouregreg river, during the first half of the seventeenth century.

A multitude of events have occurred in this tiny portion of the national territory, events that have marked the history of Morocco, impacted its policy and mortgaged its future, according to the author.

It is indeed on these places that the Andalusians settled, and it is from these shores that acts of piracy were launched and it is still on these places that the “Republic of the Corsairs” was born. , it is also on the right bank that the fighter Al Ayachi took up residence at the head of his famous principality.

Many European ships and a whole host of emissaries and ambassadors had passed through this river.

Traders, anonymous business agents, and adventurers flocked to this port in search of shortcuts for enrichment. What were the circumstances and the twists and turns that presided over and accompanied all of these events? How to distinguish the true from the false? The utopia of reality? The likelihood of the assumptions? What were the root causes of the wars between the populations of the two banks of this river? Who assassinated the fighter Al Ayachi and who put an end to the authority of the Amazigh emir who presided over the destinies of three cities, Salé, Rabat and Oudaya? These are questions that require documented accounts and demand clear answers .

This book intends to answer some of these questions!

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