The Government’s insurance for infected or quarantined tourists will arrive in July

The president Francina Armengol and the Minister of Economy, Tourism and Labor, Iago Negueruela, presented last week the free covid insurance to agency and tour operators in Berlin, for this week to launch it at the tourist fair, the first international to be held in person since January of last year.

According to the plans of the Aetib, dependent on Tourism, offers will be received to contract the assistance policy for tourists who travel to the Balearic Islands until two in the afternoon on June 14. After the opening of the bids presented will come, it will be necessary to correct errors if any and resolve the contest, with which tourists will probably not be eligible for insurance until July, industry sources boast.

The insurance policy will provide repatriation or return service to the habitual residence, interpreter service and compensation for extension of stay due to COVID for non-resident tourists in the autonomous community, provided that they stay in hotels and regulated tourist homes and it covers these hosting companies.

In the technical specifications of the contest, the Aetib specifies that the contract with the insurer will last until December 31, although it could be extended for two semesters. For tourists who benefit from the insurance -which is indicated as “complementary”, due to the “other coverage” that the traveler has, given the diversity of covid assistance provided by tour operators, airlines and hotels- It will be effective as soon as they register in the first regulated accommodation on the islands.

The coverage for tourists and their companions is in the event that their stay is extended for a maximum of 15 days, if they have to isolate themselves due to positive covid or because they have been in contact with positives. Transportation to the place of residence and repatriation due to the death of the insured are included, always with an interpreter service.

Perimeter closure

The policy designed by the Ministry of Tourism advises that the cases in which the insured had knowledge of any circumstance related to the coronavirus before arriving in the Balearic Islands and always with a 24-hour grace period are excluded from the coverage.

It is also contemplated that Insurance coverage will be excluded in the event that the central government or that of Armengol prohibits “making tourist trips” to the Balearic Islands or “specifically to the destination island of the traveler’s reservations in some period during the validity of the policy, and the trip begins after said perimeter closure.”

On the other hand, 60 days from the date of arrival in the archipelago is set as the limit for the duration of the stay per insured.



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