10 keys about the differences between vaccines and a decisive fact

In the world there are currently four vaccines that are applied to children under 12 years of age: Sinopharm, Sinovac, Soberana II y Pfizer. The first and last are the brands that Argentina bought, but only the Chinese is used for the population of 3 to 11 years. The American, which was recently approved in […]

Blood banks are dry: unheard of in Mauricie and Center-du-Québec

The CIUSSS Mauricie Center-du-Québec launched an appeal to people in the region on Monday to replenish the Hema-Québec blood bank. As everywhere in Quebec, the regional health network lacks donors, the first consequence of which is the postponement of non-urgent surgeries. This appeal to the population targets all donors, but more particularly those belonging to […]

what is the best strategy to apply the third dose of the Covid vaccine

In the fight against coronavirus and with the intention of mitigating the impact of future waves, the idea of ​​applying a third dose of the vaccine In our country. The Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, announced on Saturday that “it is stipulated” to have them “during the first semester of 2022.” One […]

What vaccines do I need to leave the country? – Travel – Life

The health situation generated by covid-19 has led to some restrictions in different countries of the world. However, having the vaccine against the new coronavirus is not the only requirement to enter certain nations. (Read also: Know what are the types of visa for Colombians). Next, learn about the vaccinations you must have to travel […]

The vaccine brand, passport to enter Europe or not: a new form of discrimination?

Green Digital Certificate o Green Pass. It is the “COVID passport” that has just entered into force in the European Union (EU) and allows fully vaccinated people, who have a negative virus test or have recently recovered from the disease, to move within the block. But pay attention to the first part of the requirements. […]

A tribute to the “sower of the theater in Cangas, O Morrazo and Galicia”

The award was presented in the multidisciplinary act carried out after the inauguration of an exhibition that reviewed the different facets of Pazos within the theater, including manuscripts, documentation, but also some of the received awards or even artistic works related to it or items of a more personal nature such as his cap. The […]