The government is inviting journalists to film trains with refugees. Borsos: Shame!

BDZ train.

The first train with Ukrainian refugees departs tomorrow at 10.30 from Varna Railway Station with the train to Sofia, the Council of Ministers announced.

The special perimeter, through which Ukrainian citizens will pass, will be open for photos only until 9.15 am. Between 9.30 am and 10:30 am, representatives of the headquarters will speak to the media on the spot.

However, this technical announcement outraged Sofia Deputy Mayor Miroslav Borsos, who commented:

“What a shame! To call the media to photograph people, mostly women and children, as if they were a migrating herd of animals.”

Under his comment, others appeared who were outraged that the media was invited to film the first group of refugees arriving from Varna to Sofia. Some of them thought that journalists should not be present at the station.

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