The first fully autonomous vehicles are being tested in China

Autonomous vehicles, of any kind, are beginning to move the world. AutoX, a company that specializes in autonomous car technology, has begun testing the first such cars in Shenzhen, China.

However, these are not so-called robotaxi projects. Robotaxi vehicle testing is already underway in several Chinese cities, but these vehicles are not fully autonomous. Every robotaxi vehicle has its own driver, who can take control of the vehicle at any time, either directly inside the car or by remote control. More than a hundred of these robotaxi vehicles are now being tested in several Chinese cities.

Fully autonomous cars are currently operating at 25 in Shenzhen, said CNBC’s operations director Jewel Li.

See how the system works in CNBC video.

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Watch a video from the American website CNBC, which will show you in more detail how an autonomous car moves.

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The next step, according to AutoX’s plans, is to increase the number of cars. At the same time, they want to increase the size of the test area and plan to expand with the test fleet to other cities around the world in the next six months.

“For most of our riders, it’s more or less a sci-fi experience. When you really experience how the vehicle is fully driven by itself, it’s something incredibly exciting, “notes Liová. However, testing of autonomous vehicles is not permitted. AutoX has so far certified its pilot taxi service for Shanghai and parts of San Jose, California.

We will see cars without a steering wheel and a driver in ten years at the earliest, the Ministry of Transport assumes

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