The C’Chartres TT affected by the Covid-19 and deprived of a match in Roanne

Quiet 3-0 winner from Nantes, this Tuesday, October 20, for the opening of the ProB championship, the C’Chartres TT will not pass to the revealing of the Roanne of the Indian Harmeet Desai (world No. 72), this Sunday 25 October, in the Loire.

Easy Chartres facing Nantes

Emmanuel Rassouw’s troop remained on the banks of the Eure. In isolation. One of the four players in his squad has tested positive for Covid-19. He took the unpleasant swab test on Friday and got the result yesterday morning.

Next game on November 17th?

“On Tuesday he started to have a bit of a headache. Nothing really bad. But it continued and he learned that one of his acquaintances was positive. So he suspected that there was something… ”, says Emmanuel Rassouw. The coach from Chartres, like the three other members of his team, all considered contact cases, went to take the test in turn, this Saturday, October 24. While awaiting the results, everyone has been placed in quarantine.

“At least we didn’t make the trip for nothing…”, Emmanuel Rassouw consoles himself. The other good news for the CCTT is that the next meeting, the 4S Tours reception at the Rosskopf room, is not scheduled until November 17th. Even if several elements are affected, by that date, they will have time to recover.

The C’Chartres TT in the championship attack

It remains to be seen whether the championship, barely started, can continue. And nothing is less certain given the progression of the pandemic …

Franck Thébault


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