Party member of Morales sure of election victory in …

Former president Evo Morales’ left-wing MAS party won the elections in Bolivia last weekend with a smashing result. This is evident from the official results that were announced late on Friday evening.

Presidential candidate Luis Arce took 55.1 percent of the vote against 28.8 percent from his challenger Carlos Mesa, authorities report.

Independent investigations had already revealed similar percentages leading to the MAS party claiming victory. Plans are also being made to regain power after the party had ruled Bolivia for 13 years with Morales as the leader.

“Our biggest challenge now is to rebuild the country and restore stability and the hope of the Bolivians,” Arce said on Twitter.

Bolivia’s previous presidential elections, which took place on October 20, 2019, ended in chaos. Morales won the election, but the opposition charged him with fraud. This led to weeks of large-scale protests, after which Morales decided to leave the country and flee to Argentina.

On Friday he flew to Venezuela in a Venezuelan government plane, reports the Argentine Telam news agency. Earlier in the week, he promised to return to Bolivia ‘sooner or later’.


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