The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S23 is starting to reveal itself, here are the leaks! – In early February 2023, Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S23. This flagship series is always eagerly awaited by the fans. I hope Samsung offers a new twist in its newest series.

Slowly the leaked specifications of this device began to appear in the public domain. Reported GizChina and GSMArenaOn Tuesday (12/27), one of the things that popped up was the Samsung Galaxy S23 battery.

Quote from trusted leaker @IceUniverse who mentions charger capacity and speed for battery. Three types of Samsung Galaxy S23 may be launched namely Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung Galaxy S23+ and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

According to IceUniverse, the Galaxy S23 has a 3,900mAh battery and supports 25W fast charging. So, the Galaxy S23+ has a 4,700mAh battery with 45W fast charging. As for the higher variant i.e. the Galaxy S23 Ultra with 5,000mAh battery and 45W fast charging support.

“So, in short, the fastest charging phone in the S23 series is the S23+. This will have an advantage over the S23 Ultra because the battery capacity is 300mAh less,” wrote GizChina.

In comparison, the S23 and S23+ have 200mAh more battery capacity than the previous model. On the other hand, the top-end Galaxy S23 Ultra has the same battery capacity as the S22 Ultra.

Both the S22+ and S22 Ultra support 45-watt fast charging. And if the leaked information is correct, the S23+ and S23 Ultra will not see any improvement in this regard. Also, the cases are pretty much the same for the vanilla S23 and S22. No increase in charge rate is anticipated.

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