THE BALL – «Light is our second home» (FC Porto)

Matheus Uribe was not on the field in the Luz classic, which crowned the national champions, but he vibrated from the outside with emotions. Speaking to the program Azul e Branco, on Porto Canal, which showed the moments of winning the title, the midfielder recalled the celebrations at his rival’s house.

«Yes, I knew that the club had already been champions in Luz. It’s sad not being able to be on the field, but you suffer a lot from outside. Luz is our second home [risos]”, said the Colombian, who also spoke of his compatriot, who moved to Liverpool: “He was playing against Tottenham, then he replied. This title is also for Luis Díaz.”

For Uribe, the fact that FC Porto was crowned national champion «is a reward for everything that has been done throughout the year». «The team was wonderful, they were relentless and the title is an award and recognition of the work and everything that the players and technical team have done», he underlined.

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