THE BALL – Fenerbahçe takes a giant step towards the Europa League play-off (Europa League)

Fenerbahçe beat Slovácko 3-0 in the first leg of the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League, in a match held this Thursday afternoon at the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium in Istanbul (Turkey).

Watch the game movie here:

Final da partida! Fenerbahce 3 Slovakia 0.

90+2 minutes: Yellow card to Vlasiy Sinyavskiy.

Three minutes minimum additional time for this second half.

86 minutes: Substitution at Slovácko, with the departure of Michal Travnik for the entry of Michal Kohút.

81 minutes: Fenerbahce scores! Bruma’s incursion from the right to the center of the field, pass to Lincoln who, from the middle of the street, in the front zone, shoots in an arc and places the ball in the top right corner of Filip Nguyen’s goal. The Slováck goalkeeper just followed the Brazilian midfielder’s shot with… his eyes. Another great goal from Lincoln! 3-0.

77 minutes: Double substitution at Fenerbahçe, with the departures of Ferdi Kadioglu and Enner Valencia, for the entrances of Filip Novak and Arda Guler.

70 minutes: Substitution in Slovácko, with the departure of Petr Reinberk, for the entry of Filip Vecheta.

66 minutes: Miguel Crespo’s forward shot, strong, but far over the bar by Filip Nguyen.

65 minutes: Yellow card to Michal Travnik.

63 minutes: Double substitution at Slovácko, with the departure of Milan Petrzela and Daniel Holzer, for the entrance of Michal Tomic and Vlasiy Sinyavskiy.

60 minutes: Triple substitution at Fenerbahçe, with the departure of Diego Rossi, Emre Mor and Miha Zajc, for Serdar Dursun, Bruma and Miguel Crespo.

58 minutes: Pass from Willian Arão to Enner Valencia who, after bouncing from the left to the center, already in the area, shot hard for a two-stroke save by Filip Nguyen.

55 minutes: Yellow card to Emre Mor.

54 minutes: Yellow card to… Jorge Jesus. The Portuguese coach went too far in the protests and João Pinheiro, referee of the match, went to the Fenerbahçe bench to admonish JJ.

48 minutes: Second yellow card to Stanislav Hofmann and consequent red card. Slovácko is reduced to 10 elements.

46 minutes: Substitution in Slovácko, with the departure of Marek Havlik for the entry of Vladislav Levin.

Start of the second part!

Fenerbahçe arrives at half-time winning in all fairness. Although the first danger signal was given by Slovácko – Merchas Doski hit the post after 2 minutes -, the truth is that Jorge Jesus’ team, after that, started to dominate the match and, even without having moments of great brilliance (with the exception of Lincoln’s goal…), clearly deserved to take the lead.

Enner Valencia and Miha Zajc gave the first warnings, and, shortly after, Emre Mor substantiated Turkish rule. In the 17th minute, and after an assist from Lincoln, the 25-year-old Turk had a shot placed for the first in the afternoon at Sukru Saracoglu, in Istanbul.

The match then took on a warmer tune, with some offensive flashes from both sides, but without both goals being truly in danger.

Until, already in the period of compensation of the first half, Lincoln, with a direct free-kick, made the second for Fenerbahçe: the Brazilian midfielder, who in the last off-season changed Santa Clara for the Turkish emblem, took the exact measurements in the goal of Filip Nguyen and placed the ball in the upper left corner. A goal to watch… and review.

Interval! Fenerbahçe 2 Slovakia 0.

45+1 minute: Fenerbahce scores! Lincoln’s direct free-kick, dropped to the right flank, with the Brazilian player taking his shot into the top left corner of Filip Nguyen’s goal, who had no chance of defence. A great goal from the former Santa Clara midfielder. 2-0.

One minute of additional time minimum in this first half.

27 minutes: Yellow card to Stanislav Hofmann.

19 minutes: Diego Rossi’s strong shot, from outside the area, for Filip Nguyen’s safe defense.

17 minutes: Fenerbahce scores! Pass from Diego Rossi to Lincoln, the Brazilian, already inside the area, works well over an opponent, endorsing the spherical to Emre Mor who, with his right foot, shoots placed for 1-0.

7 minutes: Great opportunity for Fenerbahçe! Miha Zajc, after an excellent individual play, where he took several opponents out of the way, flexed from the right to the center and, already inside the area, shot the right post of Filip Nguyen’s goal.

5 minutes: Lincoln cross from the left, with a trivela, and Enner Valencia, at the edge of the small area, heads slightly over the bar of Filip Nguyen’s goal.

2 minutes: Great opportunity for Slovácko! Crossed shot by Mercas Doski, slightly dropped to the left flank, with the ball hitting the right post of Osmar Cetin’s goal and going out through the end line.

Start of the match!

Miguel Crespo and Bruma, the two Portuguese from Fenerbahçe’s squad, start the game on the substitutes’ bench. Lincoln, a former Santa Clara player, is part of Jorge Jesus’ starting eleven. The Portuguese coach, it should be added, also launches in the starting lineup the Brazilian Gustavo Henrique, a central defender who he guided in Flamengo and who today makes his official debut with the shirt of the Turkish emblem.

Slovakia: Filip Nguyen, Petr Reinberk, Stanislav Hofmann, Michal Kadlec CMerchas Doski, Michal Travnik, Vlastimil Danicek, Marek Havlik, Milan Petrzela, Jan Kalabiska and Daniel Holzer

Substitutes: Tomas Frystak, Jiri Borek, Patrik Simko, Vladislav Levin, Filip Vecheta, Michal Kohút, Patrik Brandner, Marek Polásek, Libor Kosak, Ondrej Sasinka, Michal Tomic and Vlasiy Sinyavskiy

Coach: Martin Svedík

Fenerbahce: Osmar Cetin, Osayi-Samuel, Gustavo Henrique, Attila Szalai, Ferdi Kadioglu, Emre Mor, Willian Arão, Lincoln, Miha Zajc, Diego Rossi and Enner Valencia C

Substitutes: Altay Bayindir, Furkan Akyuz, Mergim Berisha, Serdar Dursun, Arda Guler, Miguel Crespo, Luan Peres, Mauricio Lemos, Filip Novak and Burak Kapacak are all in the squad

Coach: George Jesus

Referee: Joao Pinheiro (Portugal)

Assistants: Bruno Jesus and Luciano Maia

4th Referee: Gustavo Correia (Portugal)

There are already teams!

The team guided by the Portuguese coach is now playing for the presence in the group stage of the Europa League, after being eliminated from the Champions League, falling at the feet of Ukrainian Dynamo Kiev.

Fenerbahçe welcomes Slovácko this afternoon (6 pm), in a first leg match of the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League, which will take place at the Sukru Sarcoglu Stadium, in Istanbul, and A BOLA online will accompany I pass the debut of Jorge Jesus in the present edition of the race. Come with us, dear reader. Will play at first…

Good evening!

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