The airport is the only gateway for the virus that must now be controlled

SARS-COVID is a virus. It’s very contagious, but it’s just a virus. And a virus does not move on its own. He travels from person to person. And for us he was introduced to the island. Our only gateway to the outside is the airport. It is therefore certain that it was through the airport that the virus entered the island.

When the containment measure was decided on at the national level, the first measure was the closure of the airport. This measure made it possible to slow down the arrival of the Covid on the island, but also showed us that we were not so dependent on the airport for our daily life. But the airport has been widely reopened, and the worst crime is the major communication campaign to mean that in Reunion, the French confined could spend vacations in complete freedom.

Now that the epidemic resumes at the end of August, the authorities refuse to really control the airport. They talk about compelling motive, but how can anyone believe that over 2000 people just yesterday have compelling motives. Even more serious, we refuse to stop flights to Mayotte when the epidemic is currently experiencing an extraordinary prevalence rate. We are inundated with testimony from anyone who has either passed the pseudo-check without incident, or who has not been checked at all. And what about the quarantine monitoring, it is not even appropriate to talk about it because it is so ridiculous. It is limited to a text message ten days after arrival.

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During this time, India, New Zealand, Mauritius, New Caledonia, Korea and many other countries have closed or severely filtered their air access. And during this time, life resumed its normal course and not masked in New Caledonia or Mauritius. We must without delay strictly apply what has worked elsewhere and stop making Reunionese guinea pigs pseudo apprentice sorcerers.

“A mistake only becomes a serious mistake when you do not want to budge” Ernst Jünger

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