“Thai Football Secretary” informed the FIFA incident to release “Dang Wan Lam” to move the team

Patit Supapong, Secretary of the Football Thai Football Association, clarified the issue. International Football Federation or FIFA protected “Dang Van Lam”, Mr. Dan, the Vietnamese national team. To move to join the army of Cerezo, Osaka

From the case of “kiren swagger” SCG Muangthong United came out of the statement of doubts in the event that FIFA has turned on the green light as one of the ITC’s temporary ITC team Cerezo Osaka, a famous team of J. The latest Japanese League, Mr. Patit Suphaphong, Secretary General of the Football Association of Thailand. Informed through the SMM SPORT reporter about the issue as follows

1. The club and the Football Association. Who want the footballer (Case is Cerezo, Japan Association, Dang Wan Lam) must be registered through the computer’s TMS system. By pressing a button to ask the original club and the football association that country press “confirm” is Muang Thong with the Football Association of Thailand.

2. Then Muang Thong and the Association will have a button to press “Confirm” or “Reject”, which if pressed, the team will move completely, but Muang Thong and the association press “Reject” and attach the contract documents with as Wan Lam to notify Know that there are still contracts

3. When you press “Refuse” and go back to the source, Sereso with the Japan Football Association. The rejection will be seen in the TMS, but a button will pop up, that is, the button that allows the mediator to decide, which is “FIFA”. The button Muang Thong will not see and there will be no button to argue (simply having Just confirm and decline buttons)

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3. When pressing the button to call FIFA to clear FIFA will also look at any documents, in the case of Van Lam, expecting the agent to submit a contract cancellation document to FIFA as well, thus allowing FIFA to issue temporary protection rules for the transfer.

4. The reason why FIFA has passed this rule. Because FIFA will consider the interests of footballers in the first place that it is simple, no matter what the fight. But footballers must not be in captivity. There must be a team to play Therefore, the footballers cannot fight because there are no fights.

5. But not that the story will end easily Because even if FIFA issued a temporary protection rule to move the team But after this, Muangthong has 10 days to submit a petition to FIFA for thorough consideration.

7. If it is found that either party is guilty Will have to compensate with a fine or flat penalty, it is said

8. This case, like Sumareh, moved from Pahang Mapo Polishtero, where Tero pressed a button asking Pahang and the Malaysian Football Association to confirm, but there was a press “decline”, causing Tero and the Football Association. Thailand Pressing a button for FIFA to take into account, which FIFA protected the players, allowing Sumareh to transfer to Matero. As for who is wrong and who is right, it is a matter of Sumareh and Pahang to fight each other.




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