Tesla to the limit. It is quickly pushed out of the American market by cheaper competition and the investment is thorny

AThe American car company Tesla, in which Elon Musk is worth billions, is the leader in the electric car market in the United States. Its plug is falling though, as competitors are launching more expensive models available on the market. Build it from scratch with S&P Global Mobility. According to Tesla’s first quarter, Tesla’s share of the U.S. electric car market initially declined to 65% from 71% a year ago and 79% in 2020. By 2025, S&P expects that share to drop to less than 20%.

Tesla’s market share decline in the US was expected, but its pace could worry investors, he warned CNBC server. Tesla shares have lost half their value since this year’s shutdown. Lately, Musk has mainly focused on the Internet society Chirping, which it bought at the end of January for 44 billion dollars (over one trillion crowns). This has raised concerns among investors about whether Musk is getting too distracted and whether he is trying hard enough Tesla’s wife.

Tesla shares crash. A lot of rl issues and investments that Musk is more dedicated to Twitter

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According to S&P, Tesla is now slowly losing its dominant position in the US market in favor of an electric car priced below $50,000 (about 1.2 million kronor), where “Tesla is not yet a real competitor”. he said at first . The price of Tesla’s Model 3 electric car, including the daily price, is about $ 48,200, but these cars are usually sold due to optional equipment fees.

“Tesla’s position is changing as they are pushing new, affordable models that offer the same technology and better performance,” S&P said. “As the possibility of consumer adoption of electric cars increases, it will be difficult for Tesla to achieve dominance in the future,” S&P added.

Earlier this week, Reuters informed sources familiar with the situation that Tesla will develop a new version of the Model 3 electric car with the aim of reducing production costs. Musk said in June that Tesla is working on a next-generation model that will be smaller and cheaper than previous models.

However, the electric car market is very small. Of the more than ten million cars registered in the US in the early years, electric cars made up only about 525,000 cars, or five percent of the total. In the same period last year, 334,000 cars were registered, representing less than ten percent of the total number of registrations, according to data from S&P. However, due to Tesla’s haste and government incentives, traditional automakers also began to enter this market.

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